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It's #humpday! The #giveaway this week is a tote from the New Jersey Romance Writers' conference, filled with books and author swag. Winners announced tomorrow morning. Every like, share, and comment gives you a chance to win this tote full of books. ...

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Mega-bestselling horror writer Gabriel Raintree isn't sure if his long-deserted family mansion is haunted by ghosts, memories or regrets, but he wants to find out. Unfortunately, Jenny Carpenter has purchased the old home and plans to turn it into a bed-and-breakfast. Trouble's afoot around the INN AT LAST CHANCE, that's for sure. Find out if the mansion is haunted or not. Get the book here --> #TuesdayTeaser #SmallTownRomance @HopeRamsay

The woman paused a moment, as if she, too, was feeling the same uneasiness. "There are people in town who say that Luke haunts the house," she said.

"Do you believe in ghosts?" he asked.

"No. But I imagine you do."

"No, actually, I don't. I've never written a single story about a ghost. I think they're trash. People can be evil enough without inventing ghosts."

"That's a bright view of the world, isn't it?"

He said nothing in response as they made their way down the hall. Jenny Carpenter might be tiny, but she was warm and sturdy. She smelled like something floral and spring-like. She wasn't a monster. No one could smell that good and be evil. It was impossible.

The place felt strange. Something was off, and Gabe couldn't put his finger on exactly what. The rooms were bare, the floor too shiny, the air cold. Bone-numbing cold.

But when he arrived at the threshold of Luke's room, the house seemed to change its mind about him. Warmth flooded through him. And not only because he became aware of Jenny's body next to his. Stepping into Luke's bedroom was like coming home.

Luke's iron bed was still there in the same place he'd left it. The room was empty of Luke's things, of course. Still, there was something of Luke that haunted the place.

He wanted the house back now more than ever. The fact that it came with these memories and a black dog made the need that much more urgent.

2 days ago

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Sally CammackI enjoyed this book sooo much and I love the series!1 day ago

Gail DemareeI loved this book. Well I love the whole series!2 days ago

Shannon FergusonLoved this book! Gonna have to do a reread soon2 days ago

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It's okay to have another cup of coffee -- it's Monday! ...

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Carla KempertOr maybe hot chocolate. It's flippin' *freezing* up here!1   ·  3 days ago

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