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Hope Ramsay shared Liz Talley’s photo.

Liz Talley as just shared this #GoodSouthernThing from Louisiana, where I think the Bayous can be really creepy. Virginia may have more haunted places, but I’ll bet the ones in Louisiana are scarier. Remember that posting a comment or liking on any of today’s #GoodSouthernThing posts automatically enters you to win a copy of INN AT LAST CHANCE, my own haunted tale.

Posted 16 hours, 27 minutes ago

Cindy JonesI don’t believe in haunted houses but I’ve seen plenty of creepy ones I wouldn’t want to go into.9 hours, 44 minutes ago

It’s the haunted plantation edition of #GoodSouthernThings #Giveaway. Did you know Virginia has more haunted places than any other state? Woodlawn Plantation, built by Geo. Washington is one of them. Liz Talley and Kim Law, Contemporary Romance Author do you have haunted plantations in your neck of the woods? Share your haunted place for a chance to win a copy of my haunted house story, THE INN AT LAST CHANCE.

Posted 19 hours, 59 minutes ago

Belinda Harbuck JoynerI know there probably is several around my area in Georgia but I think the house where I grew up and where my Mama still lives might be a little on the haunted side. When I was younger my Daddy was a deputy sheriff on the night shift so I would sleep with Mama on those nights, he was also a farmer but things weren’t all that great when crops didn’t produce like they should. OK here goes one night I felt the bed shaking like crazy but was too scared to open my eyes so I started touching Mama’s arm and she slowly woke up feeling the same thing I did but we both just froze and it stopped all of a sudden still don’t know what it was. Another time I was up late talking on the phone with my husband to be when someone started calling my name and it started sounding just like my Uncle Frank that had passed away about a year or 2 before that and he had lived with us until his death but it scared me plus upset me and I hung up the phone grabbed a couple of kitchen knives and jumped in the bed with my Mama. Years before Mama woke up one night scared really bad and saying a friend of the family was standing at the foot of the bed and she was really upset, the next morning we found out that friend had lost his life in a car accident that night, that’s the honest truth.14 hours, 24 minutes ago

Maria Walsh ConnorSaw a ghost when we visited the Winchester House in San Jose, CA. hours, 16 minutes ago

Staci Steely ForsytheI live in Northeast PA. Many ghost stories in this area. We have a theater called the State Theater that is rumored to be haunted by one of its former workers. We even have high school musical awards named after him, the Freddys.16 hours, 14 minutes ago

Wallace CairnJohn Dickinson Plantation in Dover DE16 hours, 32 minutes ago

Kathleen O’DonnellNo plantations, but I am sure there are a few haunted Mansions here abouts..17 hours, 26 minutes ago

Robin AllenI live in Central Virginia…Early settlers, Revolutionary War, Civil War, War of 1812… Our “Ghosts of…” books come with roman numerals after the titles there are so many of them. ;)19 hours, 27 minutes ago

Kathy Goodridge PoulinVancouver’s Hycroft Mansion7 hours, 20 minutes ago

Amy Liz TalleyI don’t have any in my town….I don’t think. They say our Municipal Auditorium is haunted because the morgue was once there.17 hours, 40 minutes ago

Lisa HutsonI don’t know of any haunts here in my neighborhood. But I know Arizona has some…..too scary to find out. ;-)18 hours, 7 minutes ago

Lynne K PearsonThere really isn’t any haunted houses or mansion that I have heard of around Northern Michigan. There is a haunted house on Mackinac Island that I do love to visit every time I go to the Island!19 hours, 10 minutes ago

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