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Small Town Contemporary Romances Set in South Carolina

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I hate housework! You make the beds, you do the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again. -Joan Rivers #ThoughtfulThursday #HopeRamsay #SmallTownRomance #SouthernRomance ...

2 days ago

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Debra WolslebenLOVE this.2   ·  2 days ago

Michele Stegman, authorHa! I remember reading the old comic strip, Lil' Abner. He was bragging about Daisy Mae, and said, "She sweeps the house once a month, whether it needs it or not!"2   ·  2 days ago

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This week's Wednesday #giveaway is from one of my favorite authors, ever -- Cathy Maxwell. And it's autographed too. For a chance to win, let us know if you prefer historical romance or contemporary romance, or are you like me and can't decide. ...

3 days ago

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Tiffany CareinsI love them both!!3 days ago

Michelle GrayceI love them both.3 days ago

Yary SantanaI read both3 days ago

Marsha McDanielI now prefer Contemporary Romance. Used to read Historicals avidly, maybe I'm too close to historical.3 days ago

Carol HensleyDefinitely contemporary. But i will read just about anything. Lol3 days ago

Amanda MahaffeyI read both3 days ago

Clara WattI read both, Historicals and Contemporary.3 days ago

Amy Anderson LaudeI read both, but historical is definitely my favorite.3 days ago

Cathy Bass HurleyHistoricals are my favorite. I LOVED Julie Garwood's early books and have reread them numerous times but I just could not get into her Contemporary ones.3 days ago

Connie Bolick LeeIf I had to choose between two books I would take the historical one first, but I really like both.3 days ago

Kristy Lafleur CroteauI enjoy contemporary romance more but I'm always opened to new reads. Diane Carol Kinsella Silvia3 days ago

Melissa Cascio BasnightContemporary usually3 days ago

Terry MoskowitzCan't decide3 days ago

Dawn AndersonI read both and a few of my favorite authors write both.3 days ago

Belinda Harbuck JoynerContemporary are mine!3 days ago

Sharon Haiko KistlerHistorical Romance!3 days ago

Connie Kline FischerI have always loved historical romance. It's my go-to favorite genre. That's not to say that there is anything wrong with contemporary. But, I guess we all have favorites!!3 days ago

Laura G CarlsonEnjoy them of all like a setting I'm familiar with or WISH I was familiar with!3 days ago

Vickie JamesI love both also!!3 days ago

Charlene WhitehouseI love historical romance3 days ago

Julie Eichelberger-FordI love both. It depends on my mood which I read each day.3 days ago

Jai ClarkHistorical3 days ago

Jan MardisI love both❤️3 days ago

Darlene HolleyI like both, I swap between them all the time3 days ago

JerriAnn Gordillo-MartyIt depends on what mood I'm in so, I'd say I like both.3 days ago

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