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It’s book release day so your #TuesdayTeaser is the opening scene of LAST CHANCE FAMILY. Meet Rainbow and Mike Taggart, two souls in need of love, acceptance and security. Can they find the perfect family they seek in Last Chance? Get it today and find out! >><< #SmallTownRomance #LastChanceRomance #HopeRamsay

The kid should have been named Stormy, not Rainbow.

She didn’t wear pink or have girlie cartoon characters on her shirt. She didn’t have cute pigtails or a precious smile. No. Rainbow wore faded Goodwill clothing that didn’t fit her. Her hair stuck out in all directions in a big, nappy mess that thwarted all efforts to brush it. The five-year-old sat in the rented Hyundai’s backseat with silent tears running down her cheeks. She had an equally bedraggled tiger-striped cat clutched in her arms. The cat was also weeping but only out of its left eye. Occasionally it would sneeze.

Mike Taggart, Rainbow’s reluctant uncle, figured the kid had plenty of reasons for crying. Ten days ago her mother had been killed in another case of senseless gun violence on the streets of Chicago. A few hours ago, Rainbow had lost her grubby stuffed elephant, probably in the men’s room at the Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport, where they’d made a pit stop before boarding their connecting flight to Columbia, South Carolina. And then the final blow fell at the baggage claim, when the cat arrived sneezing.

Mike swallowed down the acid churning in his stomach. He should have done more to rescue Angie, his half-sister, from the life she’d been living. But Angie hadn’t wanted to be rescued. And her five-year-old daughter had paid the price.

He needed to make amends for his failure. Which explained why he’d brought his niece here to the middle of nowhere, determined to find her the kind of family that he’d always dreamed of as a little boy. Reverend Timothy Lake, Mike’s half-brother, and Rainbow’s other uncle, was exactly the kind of upstanding citizen Mike wanted for Rainbow’s new father.

The cat sneezed again, and the kid clutched it to her chest in a death grip that the animal tolerated with amazing patience. Clearly the cat played favorites, because it had pretty much shredded Mike’s right hand when he’d battled it into the cat carrier in Chicago this morning. But it seemed to love the kid, and vice versa.

He didn’t understand cats. Or little girls.

3 days ago

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Andrea LammlyLove that picture!3 days ago

Elaine Smith HollenbachThat picture is perfect! I have loved every book in this series, but Last Chance Family is my favorite. I love everything about this one. No pressure for the next one to be just as good or anything, Hope. :D I know it will be and I can't wait.3 days ago

Ruth TownsendWas preordered....downloaded this morning....yea3 days ago

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