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Small Town Contemporary Romances Set in South Carolina

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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. --Benjamin Franklin #ThoughtfulThursday #HopeRamsay ...

2 hours ago

Hope Ramsay updated her cover photo. ...

20 hours ago

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Carrie MidgleyOmg I need this!!!!!! Love the series and I'm a firefighter so it's perfect!1   ·  2 hours ago

Jennifer RafuseCannot get here soon enough1   ·  16 hours ago

Stacey Fengfish HoltzmanI am so ready.1   ·  18 hours ago

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The Wednesday #giveaway today is historical -- three of them! Just leave a comment about why you love to read romance for a chance to win. ...

1 day ago

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Heather McFarlane HardyI love the happily ever after and the roguish ways of the man. I love the travel and the scrappy ways of the woman.5 hours ago

Anita HuiI love to be transported to a different time and place through books. But reading about the romance of the road to a HEA gets me every single time! <31   ·  22 hours ago

Staci Steely ForsytheI love reading romance because it always shows couples work through their issues to be together.3 hours ago

Anita Horn KlaboeIt's better than real life.3 hours ago

Jan MurphreeLove reading about someone finding love! Its awesome!4 hours ago

Wendy Elizabeth RobinsonI love the escape from reality4 hours ago

Laurie GommermannI like all three of these authors. The romance line has so many talented writer's who share their dream of the ultimate happily ever afters. I like the escape and I need a happy ending to brighten my day.4 hours ago

Debbie Glenn BrownI love giving my imagination free will to travel to a another place and time. I love to read!6 hours ago

Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton AndersonI just love the happiness that comes from finding love. And, to relax while I read.9 hours ago

Patricia BarracloughHistorical romance is my favorite. I like it when the authors have done their research and give accurate details of the "life and times" of the period in which the story is set. It is a much more enjoyable tool for learning history that dry textbooks. The H/H relationship, although not always realistic, does give some insight into the lives of the people of the period. A nice way to share someone else's road to happiness.10 hours ago

Katherine St. VincentI love historical romances because it likes reading to time travelling to the era that I don't involved but I'm curious what to do in that time.11 hours ago

Trisha Lukasik HudsonI love the escape that reading gives me from the everyday stress in life. Thank you for the chance12 hours ago

Kim BoldenI like to read what someone was thinking when they were writing their book, with a cup of flavored tea and a blanket, it takes me to that era and time.12 hours ago

Mary B. RogersI love reading historical romance because I feel like I can escape to a world that I've only heard about. Love being able to read historical romance I feel like I can find more about that era13 hours ago

Mary PlattLove the interactions between hero and heroine and what eventually brought them together to stay.13 hours ago

Tracy MelhinchIt takes me away from all the stress in my life14 hours ago

Debbie WardIt is very relaxing just to sit and read by the fireplace!15 hours ago

Esther SomoraiBecause romance and love makes the world go round and everyone wants to be loved and to give love. I get enjoyment out of reading romance books.15 hours ago

Julia Hogans DavidI love to read about different times and different places. So interesting. I learn a lot.16 hours ago

Cathy Woodcock HendersonI just love happy ever after!16 hours ago

Jinny Baldridgeto dream about what ifs and timeframes17 hours ago

Gail RasmussenYou get to go someplace other than where you live.17 hours ago

Virginia HortonI love romance because it takes me away from every day life for a change17 hours ago

Chelsey Langleytakes my mind away from stress for awhile17 hours ago

Jessica LaurynBecause I love the feeling of being in love!17 hours ago

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