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Small Town Contemporary Romances Set in South Carolina

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From WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE – the moment when readers meet Ruby Rhodes (the matriarch) for the first time. You can learn more about the Last Chance series here -- > #TuesdayTeaser #SouthCarolina #SmallTown #HopeRamsay

Riding out Hurricane Jane on the lumpy sofa had just reached a new level of tedium when a woman wearing a bright yellow rain slicker and a pair of matching pants opened the door and said, "Goodness gracious, who are you?"

The newcomer had a round face with a riot of curls that had been permed into place. She was carrying a large Tupperware lunch bucket filled with fried chicken.

"Uh, I'm Jane." Jane scrambled to her feet as the woman carefully scrutinized her out of a pair of oddly familiar green eyes. The woman's gaze swept over the sleeping bag, Jane's oversized sweatshirt, and her wet jeans, jacket, and tank top hung over a folding chair.

Something seemed to hang in the balance for an instant, and then the woman let go of a large and genuine smile. "Oh dear me, I'm sorry, darlin', I must have scared you nearly 'bout to death. Let me introduce myself. I'm Clay's momma, Ruby. I just brought him and Ray some dinner."

Ohmygod, his mother! Jane stifled the urge to tug on the neck of the sweatshirt. Heaven help her if the hickey was visible. Oh crap, hadn't the police chief said this morning that everyone in Last Chance was going to find out that she and Clayton P. had spent the night at the Peach Blossom Motor Court?

Did Ruby know?

10 hours ago

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Belinda Harbuck JoynerLove mr some Ruby Rhodes!!1   ·  10 hours ago

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Unexpected visitor at my house this morning. ...

2 days ago

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Charlotte RoweWe have one of these, too. We call him Speedy. Pretty original for a 7 year old, huh?;) ;)2 days ago

Judy PfluegerI just rescued one of one of the roads on the way back from visiting my daughter.2 days ago

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Kicking off the holiday weekend with South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback, No. 17, Dylan Thompson, who hails from Boiling Springs, S.C. You can read his football stats here --> #SouthernMen #SouthCarolina
#SmallTown @HopeRamsay #CollegeFootball

4 days ago

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