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Library Journal says Hope Ramsay’s books “offer up Southern hospitality with a bit of grit.”  And that surely does describe the little town of Last Chance, South Carolina, with it’s matchmaking church ladies, and cast of quirky but loveable busybodies.  So if you like small town romance novels like the ones written by Robyn Carr and Debbie Macomber, you’re sure to love Hope Ramsay’s heart warming series.

Below you’ll find the books listed in reverse order.  Happy reading!

Last Chance Hero by Hope Ramsay

Last Chance Hero

Publication Date: June 30, 2015
Last Chance Series #9

Ross Gardiner has had his fill of difficult relationships. Returning to Last Chance after a rough divorce, the town’s handsome new fire chief just wants safety and stability-a tall order given his dangerous job and the way he has the attention of all the single women in town. All except Sabina Grey, the girl who stole his heart when they were teenagers. Read more…

Small Town Romance Novel by Hope Ramsay -- Last Chance Family Cover

Last Chance Family

Publication Date: November 25, 2014
Last Chance Series #8

Mike Taggart has always been willing to take a gamble. But these stakes are just way too high – there’s no way he’s prepared to become a legal guardian to his five-year-old niece. His only option is to head from Las Vegas to Last Chance to sort things out as quickly as possible. Problem is, he arrives to find an inconsolable little girl, her sick cat, and a gorgeous veterinarian he can’t get out of his mind. Read more…

Inn at Last Chance by Hope Ramsay

Inn at Last Chance

Publication Date: April 2014
Last Chance Series #7

Jenny Carpenter is the unrivaled pie-baking champion of Last Chance, South Carolina’s annual Watermelon Festival and the town’s unofficial spinster. With her dream of marriage and children on hold, she focuses on another dream, turning the local haunted house into a charming bed-and-breakfast. But her plans go off course when the home’s former owner shows up on her doorstep on a dark and stormy night. Read more . . .

Book Cover -- Last Chance Knit & Stitch by Hope Ramsay author of sweet, sassy, southern, small town contemporary romances

Last Chance Knit & Stitch

Publication date: November 2013
Last Chance #6

Molly Canaday wishes she could repair her life as easily as she fixes cars. She was all set to open her own body shop in Last Chance when her mother ran off and left her to manage the family yarn shop instead. Now guided by the unsolicited-though well-intended-advice of the weekly knitting club, Molly works to untangle this mess. But her plan unravels when the new landlord turns out to be difficult-as well as tall, dark, and handsome. Read more …

Book Cover -- Last Chance Book Club by Hope Ramsay, author of sweet, sassy, southern, small town romances

Last Chance Book Club

Publication Date: March 2013
Last Chance #5
Golden Leaf Winner — Best Single Title Romance 2014

After a painful divorce, Savannah White wants nothing more than to find her happy place. So when she gets the chance to pack up her life -and her son – and move to the idyllic town where she spent childhood summers, she jumps at the opportunity. Last Chance is just as charming as she remembered. She’s even invited to join the local book club, where talk soon turns to Savannah’s plan to bring the ramshackle downtown movie theater back to life. A new challenge is just what Savannah needs to move forward. Read more. . .

Book Cover -- Last Chance Christmas by Hope Ramsay author of sweet sassy southern small town romances

Last Chance Christmas

Publication Date: September 2012
Last Chance #4

Dear Reader,

I’ve been wishing for a miracle for my oldest boy, Stone, and this Christmas my prayers might just be answered!

Her name is Lark, and she’s here in Last Chance, looking into her father’s past-and stirring up a whole mess of trouble without meaning to. Read more . . .

Book Cover - Last Chance Beauty Queen by Hope Ramsay, author of sweet, sassy, small town, southern romances

Last Chance Beauty Queen

Publication Date: February 2012
Last Chance #3

Dear Reader,

Gracious me, my beautiful daughter Rocky sure could use my help. I always knew she wasn’t much interested in the local boys – but who’d have thought she’d come home with English royalty? Read more …

Book Cover - Home at Last Chance by Hope Ramsay author of sweet, sassy, southern, small town romances

Home at Last Chance

Publication Date: September 2011
Last Chance #2
Golden Leaf, Best Single Title Romance 2012

Dear Reader,

You won’t believe what’s happened. My son Tulane has come back home! You remember Tulane? He’d set out to find fame and fortune in the big, wide world outside of Last Chance, and I’m mighty proud. But that’s not the half of it-Tulane isn’t only back, he’s brought a young lady with him. Read more…

Book Cover - Welcome to Last Chance by Hope Ramsay, author of sweet, sassy, southern, small town romances

Welcome to Last Chance

Publication Date: March 2011
Last Chance #1
Golden Leaf Finalist — Best First Book 2012

Dear Reader,

Yes, our town is way off the beaten path but strange, wonderful miracles happen a lot around here.

I’ve owned the Cut ‘n Curl beauty shop for years, and I’ve seen folks come for a visit then stay for a lifetime. Take Jane—that pretty firecracker of a girl who just arrived in town. Read more…

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