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Hope occasionally blogs with other authors on a variety of topics.  Below you’ll find the links to recent blog posts on multi-author sites.

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Hope Ramsay – Ruby Slippered Sisterhood

Blog & Website of the 2009 Golden Heart ® Finalists

It’s Never Too Late to Learn Something New

Hope Ramsay
I’ve been writing novels for a long time now. I can say that I’ve learned how to write a novel and I’ve learned how to meet a deadline. But I get stuck. I lose my way even though I have an outline. I have to rewrite. I struggle sometimes with imagery and just plain bad […]

Crafts for Authors: Making a Tote Bag

Hope Ramsay
This is the first in a series of blogs I hope to write about crafts for authors.  This is not to be confused with writing craft, that’s an entirely different subject.  So take your hands off the keyboard — this blog is about sewing a tote bag. Author’s note:  the tote I’ve used as an […]

Writing Fearless: A Christmas Tale

Hope Ramsay
I admit it. I am guilty of studying tropes and trends, because I know that readers like them and my publisher expects them. And also, being familiar with tropes and trends is helpful. But early this year, when my publisher asked me to write yet another Christmas novella for the 2015 holiday season, I was […]

Last Chance Hero

Hope Ramsay

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