What if Bubba Ran The Olympics

Posted on 08/6/12

So, like just about everyone, I’ve spend a lot of couch potato time this past week watching the Olympics. Of course I love swimming, gymnastics, and track. These seem like perfectly legitimate sports. And I’ve streamed a lot of sailing because, well, I was once a sailor and I get all tingly watching those men and women tack and jibe.

But then we get to the other stuff . . . like ping pong.

I’m open minded. I can see that ping pong is the national sport of some countries. But my dear husband, who is a sports fan with good ol’ boy tendencies, scoffs at ping pong. Don’t get him started on rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, or water polo.

If he were in charge of the Olympics he’d add a new event called – the Good Ol’ Boy Decathlon, with the following events:

 Competitive Fishin’

by TownePost Network

Lawn Tractor Racin’

Photo © Fir 0002/Wikimedia Commons

Mud hole Swimin’

Redneck Swimming

Watermelon Eatin’

Photo by Kelly -- Simply Kelly Blog

Competitive Barbecue Lightin’

photo by Bitterjug

Plain Ol’ Huntin’

Photo by WaterfowlHunter7

 Synchronized Cowboy Dancin’
(Okay, the DH doesn’t want to see this but I do.)

Photo by by dbking

 Gator wrestlin’

© 0tvalo | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

Monster Truck Auto Mashin’

Wikimedia Commons, Luc Viatour


Sling Slot Shootin’


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